• Opposites Attract - Combining contrarian tastes into unison

    The view of tall grasses dancing along the breeze against a backdrop of classic Indian sunshine through a window creates a striking memory that everybody wishes to endure at their own homes. But, not everyone. More often than not, we all have a sketch of our dream homes in our minds. What happens when your family has a completely opposite one?

  • Emergency List for Home

    We all have mobile phones with oodles of memory storage. But, what if a robber enters your house, snatches your phone away, and in sheer desperation of trying to get away from him, you lock yourself in a room with only your landline? The contact list of your mobile phone is of no use here. What if your parent suddenly has a medical issue and is not in a condition to tell you the contact number of his physician?.

  • Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Home

    Home is where your heart lies, where you can feel yourself. The way you keep your home shows a lot about you, your home is your reflection. From the brightly lit up drawing room to the secret grocery store and garage, every nook and corner talks about you. This is why you decorate your house your way or are on a roll to get the house done by an interior designer, who turn your house into a dream home and in return leave you broke. Isn’t it? Well, the service costs sky high for it adds to the value of your precious asset. You do not have to go crazy emptying your pockets but add a few colours, give a new look to old things and your home will feel like a birthday baby

  • Pet Friendly Housing

    A beautiful, stylish house AND a pet? Yes, very much possible! If you have pets, you need to realize that they are equally important residents of the house. Not always can you keep them outdoors. Let them mingle with you and we promise they will more than happy for it! A few tweaks, and your house will be pet-friendly. Let us see how -

  • Emerging trends 2015 – Part II

    A new year brings in a whole new set of home trends. And while some things that became popular in the last year, are now “modern classics”. And there are others that have run their course too. Redecorating your entire property can be costly in both time and funds, but subtle nods to the latest trends in interior design keep things looking and feeling fresh. Are you ready to give your home an easy update? Adding to the previous article, here is a look on the highly running trends for 2015.

  • Emerging Trends in 2015 – Part I

    Everyone dreams to possess a dream home. A home with exceptional amenities, palatial and something that no one has ever seen before. Everyone wants to be hip and be in trend with current vogues. The latest trends in design can help distinguish one home from another. And it’s not all flash; there are many new home fads geared to pare maintenance and energy use. We all look for space to facilitate physical ease and visual delights in a home. Interiors, colours, fixtures, furniture and other elements define the appearance of a home. Here’s a look at what’s coming.

  • Modular Kitchen

    It is a dream for all women out there to have a modular kitchen just the way they want. Your family spends most of the time in the kitchen to prepare a good stuff (food of course) for you so that you can be healthy all the time, hence it is very important to have a spacious, well organised and modular kitchen for them. So let’s understand what modular kitchen is all about.

  • Location Does Matter!

    Mr. Vijay works in IT Company which is located in Electronic city, Bangalore and he lives in Peenya. Well, the above situation is self explanatory and means that he spends most of his personal time travelling to office and home. He is really upset with travelling about 60Kms in Bangalore every day. This is the reason we are talking about ‘Location does matter’.

  • Housing for Retirement– Part II

    Every morning, 68-yr-old Kanak Nayak likes to go for a walk with her friends. As a retired person, she has chosen to live 40 kms away from the hustle and bustle of the city. After the walk, she trims the plants and waters them in the small garden. She specifically loves the monsoons in the hilly Bangalore as they spur an atmosphere of freshness. “The quality of life is much simple and better and there are absolutely no restrictions in our lifestyle” she utters. Mrs. Nayak is among the growing number of senior citizens who are opting to stay in senior-citizen townships coming up in different corners of the country. And no, these are not old age homes but integrated townships for people aged 55 years and above, where the key selling point is senior living. Apart from peace and tranquillity, there are few other factors to be considered when opting for senior living. Some are as below:

  • Housing for Retirement– Part I

    Consider this. You are a retired senior. Your kids are grown and are on their own. You are ready to give up climbing stairs, mowing lawns, fixing roofs and gutters, and worrying about the never-completed list of home maintenance chores. It’s time to sell your suburban house, with more rooms to clean — than you need at this stage of life. But where will you live?