Project Fact File

  • 3 Condo Blocks | Each Block is G+8 (9 levels) | 4 Condos per floor | 108 Condos in all (36 in each block)
  • All units are 4 bedroom Condos | Duplex Penthouse option available
  • 6 lifts in all (2 in each block, 1 passenger and 1 service) | 6 staircases in all (2 in each block).
  • All staircases will be built as per standards (300mm tread, 150mm riser)
  • All staircase and balcony railings will be 1050mm in height and child safe
  • The basement will house the parking with 2 car parks per Condo
  • Each Condo will have a 5KVA power allowance, with power back up for lights, fans & media
  • The living room terrace garden will be designed and waterproofed and drained accordingly
  • There will be one UG tank and OH tank, with capacities as per water requirement calculations
  • There will be fire safety provisions as per standard norms
  • The roof level will be used only for Services
  • There will be no future development (Phasing) in the project
  • The site has an existing teak plantation at the rear, the club house will be located within the same