Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why the name Mulberry Woods?

    Mankind knows mulberry as a utilitarian tree since ancient times. The tree comes in different shapes, sizes and has different variations to it. It is known for quick growth, sweet fruit, stains, shade and medicinal properties. For example, mulberry juice is boiled until it has a consistency that's much like honey. This syrup is very sweet and is used as a medicine to protect against diseases of the liver, gall bladder, heart and sore throat. We thought if we can create a Mulberry culture in a community of consuming less, but living a full-life, it will make a huge difference.

  • Where is it located?

    'Mulberry Woods' is in close vicinity of all the IT majors like Wipro, Cisco, Accenture, IBM to name a few and the list just continues. It is about 4 kms from the Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Junction. ‘Mulberry Woods’ is en-route to a lot of best-known schools in town (Indus International, Gear International, TISB, DPS etc.,).

  • How big is ‘Mulberry Woods’ and how many apartments are being planned?

    The total layout is 3.3 acres and 108 Super premium apartments have been planned, besides a whole host of amenities for the people who live in it.

  • What are the different apartment sizes?

    The saleable area of each unit is about 3300 Sq.ft, All are four bed room apartments with separate entrance for servant’s quarters. The whole idea is to maintain consistency in the quality of living.

  • What is the concept behind the house design?

    Essentially, house design conveys three ideas –

    • Openness and usage of space in its approach to the interior of the house - leading from one space to another
    • Large Green landscape balcony and a private deck area
    • Adequacy for a comfortable living, movement etc.

    In a nutshell, houses are simple in design, aesthetic to look at and contemporary to live.

  • Is Mulberry Woods a gated residential apartment community? What are the security aspects like?

    It is a gated residential community with 5-7 ft compound wall. There are two entrances to the layout. The main gate and the other is a service gate. The security centers at these entrances and the entire campus is guarded on a 24 x 7 basis by the security agency. In addition each house has an intercom connected to central security.

  • How much is the green cover in Mulberry Woods?

    As per the current plan about 70% of the space is left for parks, green spaces, roads, utilities, clubhouse, swimming pools etc.

  • What kind of trees and gardens will Mulberry have?

    The property has an existing 15-year-old teak plantation, which would be retained as far as possible. We are partnering with leading horticulturist and landscape designer. The idea is to create foliage and green cover in such a way that every owner of the house feels that they are one with nature. For example, we are looking at those kinds of trees, which have low carbon index, grow faster, have medicinal value, consume less water and can give shade. Neem, albeit the carbon index moderate is an excellent tree to have for its medicinal property.

  • Is the campus vaastu compliant?

    The layout is vaastu compliant. The topography of the land has a natural slope towards the northeast corner. We are also planning to have percolation pits dug and are monitoring the flow of water towards northeast where there is a natural slope. Also, care is being taken in such a way that every apartment has either an east facing or west facing entrance. In addition, we are making sure that each house in all the clusters is vaastu compliant.

  • What legalities is Mulberry Woods following?

    We intend selling apartments, which are legally clear. The land is converted and regular taxes have been paid. From a legal standpoint, the documentation is clean and approvals from BBMP and NOCs from Airport Authority, BSNL, BESCOM, BWSSB and pollution control board are being taken.

  • Do we get 24-hour water and power?

    We are starting off with bore-wells. We expect Cauvery water to come by when the water pipes are extended by BWSSB. So, providing 24 hours water is one of the prime requirements of this layout. We are applying to BESCOM and one should get 24-hour power. In addition we are going to have a generator, which will help with all the lighting, fan and TV circuits. We are thinking of making all the lighting in the garden spaces and common amenities to be solar powered. All individual apartment water and power charges will be paid by the owners, whether water and power is supplied privately or by Government.

  • Where do guests park their cars when they want to visit us?

    We are planning to provide about 10% of the total car parking slots for guests. The layout can accommodate about 22 guest cars.

  • As customers can we get bank loan?

    Once you pay the booking amount & sign agreement to construct and agreement to build, we will give you a receipt for the same. We will help you approach Nationalized (ICICI, IDBI, HDFC etc) and MNC (Citibank, Standard Chartered, HSBC etc) banks and facilitate the loan process.

  • Can you explain typical construction detail for the apartments?

    Please see tentative details below. We are trying to see how much of natural material can be used during construction without sacrificing long-term impact/durability.


    • Wooden flooring in the master bedroom
    • Anti-skid ceramic tiles in the toilets
    • Ceramic tiles in the sit out and balconies
    • 2’x2’ Vitrified tiles in all other areas
    • Italian Marble flooring for Living and Dining areas.

    Doors and Windows

    • All doors are solid panelled doors
    • Toilet door will be solid panelled with water resistant paint on one side
    • First quality UPVC sliding windows

    Internal walls and external finishes

    • All walls are lime - rendered
    • Water resistant paints on all external walls
    • Plastic emulsion paint on all internal walls and roof.


    • Modular switches of ABB / Legrand or equivalent
    • Power points to accommodate ACs in all bedrooms


    • 2’ dado above the counter
    • 20mm thick granite counter with edge polish
    • Provision for four 15 Amp appliances
    • Provision for 1L geyser, washing machine and water purifier (Utility Area)
    • One and half bowl sink.


    • First quality wall tiles up to the ceiling
    • Anti-skid ceramic tiles
    • Sanitary fixtures of Roca / Duravit /American Standard or equivalent.

    Club House

    • Gymnasium room
    • Steam & Sauna room
    • Carom & TT, Library cum TV room
    • Pantry / Open Cafe
    • Swimming pool
    • Children’s play area
    • Barbeque cabanas
    • Old folks’ corner
    • 24/7 physical security
    • Demarcated garbage disposal points
    • Demarcated bicycle parking area
    • Rain water harvesting / Central Sewage system
  • We have domestic help living with us. Do you have a provision?

    Yes there is a provision for the domestic help to live with you. Every apartment has a servant’s room with attached bath, with a separate entrance.

  • Can we choose the apartment of our choice?

    We work on the concept of first preference to people who pay first. Based on the availability, you can choose the apartment of your choice.

  • Can we customize our apartment?

    We do not allow tampering with basic design and structuring. Please remember, we have done a lot of homework on your behalf. However, based on customer inputs, we can help you personalize the interiors to some extent within the purview of the overall concept and theme of the layout. No customization requests will be entertained in the last two years of completion.

  • Are the terms of payment linked to progress?

    Yes, payments are linked to the progress of the project. See payment schedule.

  • Are the prices quoted and finalized subject to escalation?

    Once the initial booking amount is paid, the allotment will be issued; on receiving the allotment letter the price remains constant, subject to a maximum variation of ten percent on material pricing.

  • When can one sign the agreements after paying the booking amount?

    You have 15 days’ time from the date of acceptance of the duly signed application form along with the booking amount. In these 15 days, we shall hand over a set of all documents relating to the project and soft copies of the “Agreement to Sell” and “Agreement to Construct”. If you are willing to apply for housing loan assistance, we shall introduce you to the concerned persons/institutions for loan processing and on obtaining the sanction letter, we shall complete the Agreement.

  • What is the maximum amount of loan that can be availed from banks?

    Generally, a maximum of 80% of the total cost i.e. including car park, registration and other costs.

  • When do I get a confirmed allotment?

    We shall issue the Allotment letter after receiving your duly signed application form along with cheque. After its realization, the sale is then confirmed.

  • Can I pay 100% down payment? What would be my benefit?

    Yes. For which you will get a discount as per prevailing interest rate on fixed deposit P.A. from leading banks.

  • How are installments paid?

    As and when the payment is due from you as per our payment schedule, we will issue a demand draft to your bank, your bank will contact you & you may give your written approval to release the payment to us. On physical inspection of the property, on being satisfied with the progress as per the demand, the bank will release the amount to us. This is standard practice in the industry. If you have not taken the bank loan, then you are expected to pay within seven days of receiving the demand note, failing which the payment will incur 18% interest.

  • Could you tell us about the Car Parking space?

    The project is designed in such a way that each house can have 2 covered car parks. Extra car parking space could be available based on first-come first-buy basis.

  • Is there a price negotiation?

    It is a small residential community of 108 apartments where we have profiled our customers based on their tastes and preferences. It is a like-mindedness community that we want to set-up. Secondly, if you look at our prices, it is one of the most reasonable pricing for the value we are providing. Considering these two aspects, we strictly operate on fixed prices and do not allow any room for negotiation. We apologize if this is inconveniencing you.

  • What happens if we book and want to cancel/transfer later?

    If you cancel after booking, the cancellation charge is Rs 1lac. If you cancel after agreement is made, cancellation charge is 2% of total value of apartment (including taxes and other fee). The money will be returned to you hopefully within 90 days (or) on the sale of the apartment, whichever is later. Remember, we invest a lot on your behalf and last minute cancellations affect project customization and funding. If you intend transferring your apartment to somebody else, then the transfer charge is - after making the booking amount, is Rs 2lacs and after agreement, it is 4% of total value of apartment (including taxes and other fee).

  • When will the property get registered on our name?

    Once you pay 100% of the cost of the apartment, we will register the property on your name, provided the apartment is ready and authorities allow us to register on your name. Without full-payment, we cannot register apartment in your name and hence usually the last payment is made by a demand draft.

  • When will construction start and when will the project complete?

    Typically in 60-90 days from the launch of the project, we will start the construction of apartments and other amenities required. The project will take about 42 months from start date to get completed.

  • Who are the Architects for this project?

    4th Dimension Architects & Interiors with experience in building homes in Singapore and Malaysia are architects for this project.

  • What is the type of Agreements to be signed by the Purchaser?

    The Purchaser will have to sign the ‘Agreement to Sell’ and ‘Construction Agreement’. A draft of the agreement will be made available to Purchaser on booking the apartment by paying the booking amount.

  • Are there any additional amounts to be paid, other than what is given in the price sheet?

    No, there are no additional charges other than registration, miscellaneous incidentals and any other taxes that Govt. levies from time to time.

  • What is the penal interest if the installments are delayed?

    We charge a penal interest of 18% on the pending payables. If installment is delayed beyond 90 days, then company has the right to cancel booking towards the apartment. The company can exercise its right to resell the apartment without any intimation and the customer will not have any claims on the apartment. In the event of cancellation initiated by the developer, the balance amount will be refunded within 90 days from the cancellation date (or) on sale of apartment whichever is later, net of penal interest chargeable for non-payment & in cancellation charge as applicable and mentioned above. Please remember that cancellation is expensive and causes uncertainty for the company too, especially when construction stages are so capital intensive.

  • How will the people maintain layout after first 2 years?

    Management of Mulberry Woods reserves the right to maintain itself or sub-contract or hand-over to the owners association during or after the first two years. On completion or during the two years of maintenance, the owners association will re-collect the corpus and start maintaining the place. Estimated maintenance amount for the first two years is collected in advance and is part of the pricing sheet. If it falls short, we will ask the owners to pay extra amount. If it is in excess, the excess amount will be transferred to the association corpus.

  • Do I become owner of Mulberry Woods and enjoy the clubhouse?

    Sure. Once the property is registered and conveyed to you, you are the absolute owner and have every right to sell or retain your apartment. The clubhouse membership is taken by all the owners of the said apartment project under the set terms and conditions of usage of clubhouse set by the developers from time to time. However, the owners will not have individual ownership rights on the clubhouse.

  • How do we book an apartment?

    You can download the application form from You can also send a mail to You can also discuss with the sales team regarding payment details & terms and conditions. All checks have to be drawn in favor of “Saran Developers & Infrastructure (I) Pvt. Ltd.” payable in Bangalore.